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The story of fire reflects on the dishes...
About Us

Okra is a restaurant that transforms itself by keeping Istanbul alive in fragments and offers the opportunity to view everyone’s version of the city. It harmonizes these fragments with its decor and plan. Okra, on the 20th floor of The Marmara Taksim Hotel, sheds light on a different corner of Istanbul from every window, and the reflections of this light change within the interior.

The story of fire reflects on the dishes...

Fire is one of the biggest symbols representing knowledge, power and light in mythological narratives. In human story, it is a key discovery, a driving force to shape our cultures, our beliefs, our world.

Okra brings the cuisine of the Mediterranean, where these stories sprouted, to the focus of fire, and it does so in the heart of Istanbul. Located in The Marmara Taksim and having a special area for 40 people in addition to its 350-person capacity, Okra has a dominance that spans the entire floor with its separate bar area that will launch in September.

The menu, prepared under the leadership of Okra executive chefs Hüseyin Ceylan and Mert Yalçıner, focusing on open fire, offers a contemporary Mediterranean cuisine with a richness of seasonal products and different aromas.

Okra’s non-pompous menu with simple flavors include notable dishes such as Calamari and Couscous, Open Fire Shrimp, Dry-Raged Beef Tartar as starters and Whole Tenderloin, Seven Spiced Lamb and All Parts of Sea Bass - served for two - as main courses.

An iconic building in the indispensable center of Istanbul

Okra integrates with Istanbul in The Marmara Hotel, one of the oldest residents of Taksim Square, which has hosted millions of people from all over the world. While filling every aspect of Istanbul through its windows, it also shares the artistic vision of this iconic building. It presents a fiction that lives, develops and develops with the strong bond it establishes with art, and embraces the excitement of being together.


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The Marmara Taksim Roof
Osmanlı Sokak No:1/B Taksim Beyoğlu/İstanbul
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